We will provide you with all the fresh ingredients that you need to make memorably delicious products.

Our ingredients are well known for their high standard quality and freshness. Since our ingredients are pre-measured, you will no longer have to worry about any of it going to waste. We will also help you discover new ways to work with your favorite ingredients with delicious recipes that will fill you with wonder!

We can supply permium frozen tropical fruit pulps with an integrated and synergic approach for you.

We offer frozen pulp to many of our industrial customers as an ingredient for innovative lines of yoghurt, juices and ice cream. Fruteiro’s positioning is unique and capable of ensuring the highest standards of product quality and service levels thanks to its full control of the whole productive, logistic and commercial chain.

We offer world-class pastries and a variety of fresh baked cakes, all made daily with the finest ingredients.

Along side traditional European cakes and pastries, we specialize in making a wide assortment of danish and croissants, Artisan breads and gluten free cookies.

We provide the newest machinery and supplies for best-in-class service and top businesses.

We cover you in all areas: from creating your own waffle cones to essential safety supplies. Our selection of ice cream equipment are from a variety of manufacturers who understand the industry the same way you do. From batch freezers to gelato display cases all of the essential pieces of ice cream equipment can be found right here.